Ben’s legal team have today been granted permission by the high courts to challenge the  CCRC’s decision not to review the conviction based on new statistical evidence. It is vary rare and almost unheard of. The Justice gap website has just published a piece on this development.

Lawyers are challenging a decision by the miscarriage of justice watchdog not to refer the case back to the Court of Appeal in a final attempt to have his conviction overturned.

Last October the Criminal Cases Review Commission decided not pursue the case of Ben Geen, who is serving time for crimes that were never committed.

‘We have to judicially review the decision. It is the only step that we have left to take,’ Ben’s father Mick Geen tells the Justice Gap. ‘We have been with the commission for two years and it has come to nothing. We have very good new evidence, probably the most compelling that we have had in the last nine years.’

The Justice Gap article in full, by John Robins




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