Milton Keynes Citizen – 04 March 2010

“Family’s battle to prove Ben is not a murderer”

Top legal team called on to help free former nurse.

The city family of a male nurse convicted of murdering two patients has launched a campaign to free him from prison and clear his name.
The Geen family has joined forces with the country’s top barristers in a bid to overturn Benjamin Geen’s 2006 conviction and 30-year jail sentence.
He was found guilty of injecting patients in his care at Banbury’s general hospital with drugs which stop breathing, causing two to die and 15 to suffer grievous bodily harm.
But the family swear he is innocent and claim there is no proof that the former Radcliffe School student, now 29, actually gave the injections.
Ben’s 21-year-old sister told the Citizen: “When the case first started, I was still at school.
“But when my brother, sister and I learned what was happening to our big brother it was like a dream that just slowly sank in – we knew it wasn’t Ben.
“He has always been so kind and caring about people.”
Ben’s sister is studying law at university and visits her brother regularly in Worcestershire’s Long Lartin prison.
A former Territorial Army lieutenant, Ben is ‘amazing’ in the way he is coping with life in the Catgory C prison, she says.
He is taking a number of higher education courses, including Open University degrees in religious education and science.
“We believe he will be free again,” she said. “The help we’ve had from the London Innocence Project has been inspiring and brilliant and in a strange way this has all made us stronger.
Barrister Mark McDonald told the Citizen a team of defence experts have this week began working on a new appeal after a previous attempt to overturn the conviction was rejected last November.

“We do not believe any crimes were committed,” said Mr McDonald.

“Put simply there was no forensic evidence nor any eyewitness evidence, and the statistics used by the prosecution at the time were based on cases of respiratory arrest that were cherry-picked to fit to the time Mr Geen was on duty.”

The family know they have a long battle ahead.
“Of course we feel for the families involved,” said Ben’s sister. “But we are certain there has been a miscarriage of justice.


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